The Spectrum of Sound

We believe good projects, products and services deserve attention.

In many cases, these are straight-narrative audio books and short stories. Sometimes they are non-fiction films or commercials for radio, the web, and television. Sometimes, people hire us to channel our voices directly through their bodies. Sure they do.

And whatever the project, we take the quality of the work seriously, making certain that the person, group, or company gets the best product for the lowest price.

On this page, you can hear samples of our "Straight Reads", to become more familiar with the work we do. We've created everything from audiobooks available on Amazon, to special anniversary CDs offered by well-known writers' conventions, to commercials and podcasts.

Listen at your leisure, and remember, Gardner Goldsmith, the man behind Earbook, not only is the voice, he handled every aspect of each production...
RATES for Straight Read Productions range from 1 cent per word for novels, novellas and short stories to $40.00 per 30 second commerical read and $60.00 for 60 sec. E-mail us at ELGGRANDE@msn.com !
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