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The Spectrum of Sound

Character Voices

What do you do if you want authentic accents to lend your production a level of verisimilitude?
What if you need five, six, seven, even ten character voices for your audio book?
What do you do if you want a new character, something that reaches deep into the audio spectrum, that will make your commercial, novel, cartoon or film memorable?

You contact Earbook!

Whether it was the insidious influence of twisted family members or his own inclination (or both), Gardner Goldsmith began performing voice impressions when he was four years old. As he grew up, he took it further, developing a science of how to attenuate the lungs, throat, nose and mouth to produce the idiosyncratic accents of people around the world. And he's been able to build on that to create unique characters whenever they've been needed.

His range covers accents heard in Australia, Boston, the Southern US, Brooklyn, Canada, Russia, France, and Germany, as well as the multitudinous variations of the British accent, including Received Pronunciation (ie, the "refined" Londoner), other non-rhotic variants, and the rhotic (Scottish and Northern Irish.)

Below, we've posted some longer samples of Gard's range, including accents, impressions and distinct chracters created for commericals, podcasts, radio, and audiobooks. Take a trip around the planet of sound by clicking the players!

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