Full Audio productions range in price based on the fullness of the production and the type. E-mail us at ELGGRANDE@msn.com to find out more!
The Spectrum of Sound
Full Audio Productions
This facet of the Earbook experience is unique, or very close to it.

While some voice performers can offer the voices -- the "reads" as they are lebelled-- many cannot provide the production. And while some audio companies can offer a limited level of production, they cannot, or will not, provide the full range of sounds that can make a story really outstanding.

Earbook offers every level, from straight reads, to commericals with simple music and a few effects, to audio books with a few ambient establishing effects and limited music, to full-scale productions -- all at various prices based on the amount of realisim you want.

Here, you can sample some of Gardner Goldsmith's full-scale productions, and see how he can take a skit or an audio book and make it sound like a movie. Just click and play, and then contact us when you want to discuss what might work best for your idea!

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