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The Spectrum of Sound
Earbook Productions is an independent audio production company created and controlled by P. Gardner Goldsmith. Our goal is to provide audio production services to independent publishing companies and authors, film producers and businesses, at rates far lower than large firms...

Most indie publishers and self-publishing authors do not have the resources to get the high-quality production work they want for audio books and promos. They might desire audio books that buyers could download from Amazon and listen to anywhere, but the cost would eat their profits.

That's an opportunity for us.

We offer our skills and abilities at less than half the rate of corporate audio companies, providing both the voice talent and the production work in one package. From straight reads to full, multi-tracked audio spectacles, we have the capacity to do it all.

We also work for television, film, and audio drama producers in search of character voice actors and straight readers, offering our services for the reads alone. Take a look around our site. Explore the spectrum.

To begin, let's look at the three major categories of our services, ranging from Gardner's
Straight Reads, to           

Character Voices, to

Full Audio Productions

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